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Operating since 1992, Erda Ltd. is a privately-owned software company developing software solutions for geographical information systems. We boast a broad customer range: from UNESCO to small municipalities, there is hardly an area where we haven't developed groundbreaking and cost-effective solutions.

Basically, we use one of the most popular Bentley software engine (same name as luxury car) as a rock-solid foundation for the final solution, which is developed according to the client's requirements. The software engine provides safety, and the tailored software ensures a cost-conscious final budget - you pay for the engine and the application which suits you. Others give you everything you may need - we give you what YOU need with the possibility of added features. You pay for what you need.

CabMap fiber optic network documenting software

CabMap fiber optic network documenting software

As a subcontractor for Diamond Ltd., then for CabMap Ltd., cooperating with their employees, we developed this system, first on ErdaGIS, then on Mapserver web interface. The system is distributed by CabMap Ltd. For more information about the program please visit the web page of CabMap Ltd.