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GIS of the Military Cemetery and Hero’s cemetery in Debrecen

Honvédtemető és Hősök Temetője Debrecen
The Military Cemetary, or as many Debrecen citizens call it, the Hero’s cemetery is one of Debrecen’s anciest heritages. The first to be buried here were the soldiers fallen at battle near Debrecen, at the 2nd of August, 1849.
The “Életminőség Alapítvány” of Debrecen (the “Lifequality foundation of Debrecen”) in the program of „Debrecen nyugvó öröksége /NEA-E-12-0066/” (“The cemetery heritage of Debrecen”) started to process the cemetery’s geographical information and sharing it with the wider public. The work is ongoing, we appreciate the feedback to develop or correct something, we provide space for every information that fits in our website’s database.
The Hungarian webpage of the cemetery: 
The system was developed using the open source system called MAPSERVER. The application is able to display large quantities of vector, raster and descriptive data even in case of many users connecting simultaneously. Only a web browser is needed on the client side.

The system is available at an external window: 


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Lead Coordinator: dr.  János Mazsu and József Papp
Produced by: György Csáki,  Norbert Vásárhelyi- Erda Kft.,   Attila Gergely- Színforrás Kft