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Zoning Environmental Management Plan (ZEMP) in Angkor

 Zoning Environmental Management Plan (ZEMP) in AngkorThe paper-based GIS system of archeology and monument protection was replaced by the one of the first digital solutions of the industry between 1992 and 1993.

Within the framework of a Zoning Environmental Management Plan (ZEMP) project our colleagues prepared the first MicroStation-based GIS system of the ANGKOR National Park commissioned by the UNESCO and the Royal ANGKOR Foundation. Afterwards: „The Royal Angkor Foundation in Hungary in close cooperation with SOAS (London University, School of Oriental and African Studies) and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been working on world heritage sites, in general, and on Angkor (Cambodia), in particular, for a decade.
The Angkor GIS (AGIS) is an information system which helps professionals to get information about the Angkor Eco-site. It contains information from a wide area of interest to help see the facts about Angkor globally. Angkor GIS has been developed first by György & Annamária Csáki (1992-1993) for the 'Zoning and Environmental Management Plan' (ZEMP) for UNESCO to apply GIS technology on the archaeological sites in Angkor, Cambodia. AGIS-1 incorporated research achievements of numerous professional fields. It was also a well-applicable methodology of data acquisition, and provided analysis and proposed solutions for preparing a new nomination dossier at that time for Angkor. The new approach required new tools to be involved. The handling and analyzing of the huge quantities of data was not possible with traditional manner already 8 years ago. And, this was the point where the help of a computer had to be taken together with the dynamically developing new branch of informatics, the GIS."

You can see some of the drawings created as a result of our work, which can be compared with the current status in GoogleMap.

We had used an old coordinate system differing from the present time UTM zone 48N system. The shift between the present UTM coordinates and our Erda MapServer coordinates is dx = 395 m, dy = 334 m.


You can see the system here, in an exteral window: Angkor ZEMP


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I have found an old post card showing the area in question. After some scaling of it I managed to measure the following coordinates:

            • Angkor Wat central tower:  X = 377 750, Y = 1 482 700,        (+/- 50 m) 
            • Prasat Bayan central tower: X = 376 850, Y = 1 485 900        (+/- 50 m)
As a matter of fact, the full kilometers of the X coordinates can not be read from the card, but the Y values can be seen very well, and it seems to me with a 20 m certainty that this not the present UTM, but that same old coordinate system which you used during your mapping work!


post card


There really exist some old Indian projections which have several hundreds of meters of discrepancy as compared to WGS84. Kindly study this link where you can see the shift values between those older projections and WGS84:
If though this old map of Angkor Wat was created in projection system Indian 54 (Everest), then the observed shift to WGS84 should have been dx= 217 m, dy= 823 m which is more than what we have observed.