Web-based GIS of the Municipality of Debrecen

Our most visited system. 200 daily visitors on average! The Mayor's Office of Debrecen received the digital survey basemap in DAT exchange format and the corresponding digital aerial photo with resolution of 20 cm. Later it will be expanded with the change management of the regional development plan, too. To manage these and later on to manage and maintain the related data they needed a geographic information system, which can provide this immediately and cost-effectively. That's why they chose Erda Ltd.'s ErdaGIS system. This system is the web query version of ErdaGIS, and it is working continuously since 2008.

  The advantages of the system:

    • anybody from anywhere can get information about the regional development plan
    • less customers have to go to the office
    • the office employees do not need to install any additional software on their workstation
    • it can be expanded with any information (facilities, zones, etc.)

You can ask István Gábor the Chief Architect of county Hajdú-Bihar about his experiences about the operating the system. His address is Iparkamara utca 2., Debrecen, H-4024
Phone no.: +36 (52) 523173, e-mail: gabor.istvan@ph.debrecen.hu

Extract from István Gábor's referral:

"... Nowadays, quick access to information is essential for the local economy to grow. That's why it is important that the developers involved know about building, site development, development rights, responsibilities concerning real estate in the city. Today, the most extensive and accurate access can only be provided by a regional development plan with a query system accessible from the Internet. This geographic information service is practically working continuously in the second largest city of the country, with the development plans concerning the parcels and the text (building requirements concerning the parcels). Updating the database is continuous, which is also important regarding the base map because queries can provide up-to-date status of the properties. The administration of the city of Debrecen and the tasks of its authorities are simplified and made transparent, the population is more aware about their building rights.

The system is available at an external window:



The most simple and secure form of a geographic data management and user service is this search and service system. The geographic information system attached to the parcel system includes the possibility for improvement in contrast to the databases assigned to streets because in this case the assessment of the value of the property is obvious, clear and expressive. Its introduction to economy development takes some time, but it will result in a more transparent property supply system.