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Web-based GIS of the Municipality of Debrecen

Our most visited system. 200 daily visitors on average! The Mayor's Office of Debrecen received the digital survey basemap in DAT exchange format and the corresponding digital aerial photo with resolution of 20 cm. Later it will be expanded with the change management of the regional development plan, too. To manage these and later on to manage and maintain the related data they needed a geographic information system, which can provide this immediately and cost-effectively. That's why they chose Erda Ltd.'s ErdaGIS system. This system is the web query version of ErdaGIS, and it is working continuously since 2008.

GIS of the Military Cemetery and Hero’s cemetery in Debrecen

Military Cemetery and Hero’s cemetery in Debrecen
The Military Cemetary, or as many Debrecen citizens call it, the Hero’s cemetery is one of Debrecen’s anciest heritages. The first to be buried here were the soldiers fallen at battle near Debrecen, at the 2nd of August, 1849.
The “Életminőség Alapítvány” of Debrecen (the “Lifequality foundation of Debrecen”) in the program of „Debrecen nyugvó öröksége /NEA-E-12-0066/” (“The cemetery heritage of Debrecen”) started to process the cemetery’s geographical information and sharing it with the wider public. The work is ongoing, we appreciate the feedback to develop or correct something, we provide space for every information that fits in our website’s database.

Web publication of DTTTA - Debrecen

DTTTA - Debrecen áttekintő kép

This is an ErdaGis system made for the database of the DTTTA (GSSHDCD) - Reconstruction of the Geo-social Structure of Debrecen City in 1870-72 project.

Project duration: 01-05-2010 - 30-06-2013

Lead researcher: Dr. János Mazsu, University of Debrecen (Debreceni Egyetem)
Joined the research: Dr. István Orosz and Péter Forisek University of Debrecen (Debreceni Egyetem) 

External expert members of the program:
József Papp Microfilm library of DMJV; György Csáki and  Norbert
Vásárhelyi Erda Ltd.